Aloha Family_3My name is Lara Kaminsky and I live in Seattle, WA with my husband and 3 year old daughter. I am a manager, producer and designer with an extensive background in mutli-disciplinary project direction, creation and implementation. I have worked and studied in the arts for twenty years and have a deep passion for the power of art to transform lives. My personal work has spanned from photography to sculpture and from dance to film. Professionally I have worked in video and film production, video editing, design and art direction. I have worked in the theatre as a projection designer for 5th Ave Theatre, ACT, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Village Theatre, and Arizona Theatre Company. Currently I am the Artistic Director of Rainy Night Productions and have produced an array of performances since 2005 with a focus on burlesque and variety shows. My most recent endeavor was the re-envisioning of a 19th century cabaret called Barnstorm: The Cabaret Re-Imagined.
SUMMARY: Manager, producer and designer with an extensive background in mutli-disciplinary project direction, creation and implementation.


Artistic Director/Founder, Rainy Night Productions Seattle, WA. 2004 – Present

Founder and Artistic Director of a Seattle Production Company focused on new, experimental work. Created a production company with a mission to make original art accessible to all types of people; to reacquaint communities to new experiences of art and to encourage conversations between artists and their audiences.

  • Built an organization passionately centered around engaging audiences with emerging artists.
  • Role employs initiative and vision to create original productions from the ground up.
  • Create and implement budgets for all projects with a focus on effective time and volunteer management in order to stay within budgetary constraints.
  • Create strategic partnerships and collaborations in order to have a bigger impact within the community.

Projection Design 2004 – Present

Role as Projection Designer involves creating and implementing the overall conceptual designs for video, stills and projections that are integrated seamlessly into theatre productions.

  • Strong ability to work in a collaborative environment ensures that the video content is integrated with the visions and designs of other members of the production team.
  • Ability to take direction while still employing artistic initiative results in a vibrant creative environment.
  • Ability to create video content using 2D and 3D imagery by any method required.
  • Ability to effectively manage the theatrical budget allocated to video, including the sourcing and acquisition of stock material as well as display and control technologies.
  • Theatre contracts include:
    • A Contemporary Theatre Seattle, WA. 2004-2012 Projection Designer and programmer for “Uncle Ho to Uncle Sam,” “Pitmen Painters” and ‘Alki.’
    • Arizona Theater Company Tucson, AZ. 2005-2012 Projection Designer for ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Macbeth.’
    • Seattle Children’s Theatre Seattle, WA. 2007-2012 Projection Designer for ‘Wizard of Oz,’ ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and ‘Addy: An American Girl’s Tale.’ Projection programmer for ‘Peter Pan.’
    • Village Theatre Seattle, WA. 2011 Projection Designer for Village Theatre’s new works play ‘Take Me America.’
    • 5th Avenue Theatre Seattle, WA. 2007 Projection Designer for ‘Buddy Holly.’

Booker/Producer, The Jewelbox Rendezvous Seattle, WA. 2012

  • Programmed artists for events and festivals.
  • Managed artist’s bookings – which involved liaising with the clients and artists, managing contracts, and fostering ongoing relationships.
  • Coordinated artist production at the events.
  • Promoted the artists in conjunction with the Rendezvous and its services.

Program Coordinator, Broadway Bound Children’s Theatre Seattle, WA. 2009-2011

Coordinated and developed programs such as Broadway Bound’s main-stage productions as well as camps and classes offered throughout the year.

  • Strong organizational skills utilized in order to effectively manage temporary staff resulted in increase of rehires for succeeding year.
  • Ability to multitask and problem solve, along with ability to stay calm and focused in a quickly paced environment resulted in a 40% growth rate in summer camp attendance.


Artistic Director/Producer, Barnstorm: The Cabaret Re-Imagined Seattle, WA. 2011

A proof of concept event that channeled the original European cabarets of the late nineteenth century. Barnstorm was a pop up art event that took over an empty storefront in Belltown and transformed it into a cozy home for diverse performance and installation works that challenged social and cultural conventions.

Artist, Social Security Kirkland, WA. 2011

Social Security was an exhibition at Kirkland Art Center of current artwork by a loosely affiliated group of prominent, mid-career and emerging Northwest artists who shared visual theorist Nicholas Mirzoeff’s position that politics are embedded in every aspect of contemporary culture. Organized by Jayme Yahr and Deborah Lawrence.

Director/Cinematographer/Editor, “Seattle Groove” a Documentary Film Seattle, WA. 2001-2005

Documentary chronicles a vibrant underground music movement in Seattle called the “Groove” scene.

Assistant to Director, “The Journey Home” a PBS Documentary Washington State. 2002

Worked closely with director Lourdes Portillo and cinematographer Vicente Franco on a documentary for PBS television. Required a strong knowledge of filmmaking, lighting, scouting and interviewing.


Seattle University MFA in Arts Leadership, June 2011

University of California, Santa Barbara B.A. in Art Studio, June 1996

Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest University Foreign exchange in Art History, 1994