Passion Projects

I am particularly interested in new audience development. I am concerned that the overall trend of the arts being devalued, in our schools, in our communities, in our country, is having a negative and harmful effect on audience engagement and retention. I am desperately committed to creating programs that pique the curiosity of individuals that are not regular art consumers by giving them an opportunity to try art in a low risk, highly social environment.

Barnstormbarnstorm web logo

Barnstorm: The Cabaret Re-Imagined sought to reawaken the 19th century cabaret spirit by supporting and encouraging pioneering performers and by cultivating audiences with a craving for dangerous, witty and uncharted theatre and art.  The art presented was diverse, satirical, and provocative, and encouraged audience participation in order to generate conversation.

ZenziZenzi web logo_3

Zenzi is a multi-media mashup of burlesque, vaudeville, music, and film, all with a bawdy, campy twist.  Follow the Zenzi Girls through a dystopian future of underground speakeasies as they battle evil forces for control of the mysterious elixir Josephine.

Girl TroubleGTB web logo_3

Girl Trouble Burlesque  was the innovator of a new style of burlesque that combined original videos and campy humor to tell a story from beginning to end. A complete conceptual production made up of comedy, sensuality, irony, wit, and intelligence.